A Graphic Designer Should Remember

An Idea Can Change Your Life!! Have you heard this ad? Even though an idea or concept is generated unexpectedly, its execution is not that easy. Sometimes, an idea can lead to an unexpected blunder. Always remember- without making mistakes, you are not going to learn anything. When coming to graphic designing, mistakes may be numerous. In this post, we will run through certain mistakes that graphic designer tends to make.

1.       Forgetting the goal:

You might have seen many websites that are really attractive and eye catching ones. But, many of these fail to highlight the actual purpose or their product and services. Appearance actually doesn’t matter if the design deviates from the actual purpose of that website. Coming to logo designing, if it fails to hit target audience, it means that there is a lack of substance. Good and impressive design is necessary in attracting target audience, but there is no meaning for a logo if it deviates from actual purpose.

2.       Excess Graphics and Artworks in Design:

Some professional designers have a tendency to put graphics and other effects to a great extend, affecting the blog. Any good thing in excess can create a negative effect on people’s mind. When used in excess, design effects and artworks will make your audience to react in a negative way. So, better avoid excess creativity in your design to avoid confusion.

3.       Selfish designers:

There are some designers who design to build up an impressive portfolio and they even forget to fulfill their clients’ marketing or business aims. One should never make use of somebody else’s business inorder to make his portfolio look better. Unless you are not able to satisfy your client properly, you can never be a successful graphic designer. Whoever may be your client and whatever may be their business, you are there to create an online impression or footmark in their business.

4.       Lack of self confidence:

Graphic designers usually search for resources that inspire them in creating new design concepts. They often fail to make use of their own talent which resides within. Instead, they follow somebody else’s design concept to get an idea or concept. Remember one thing always- there may be professional graphic designers who have many years of experience than you. But, that doesn’t mean that they are always a source of good design concepts that you can trust. You should always think independently. If you can make original designs, then only we are getting new talents and new doors to move outside the ‘old wine in new bottle’.

5.       Negative fame:

Do you know the actual job of a graphic designer? It is to convert the actual needs of his clients to meaningful visual representation. This could be accomplished only through proper communication with clients. There are many famous logo designers who are noted for worse designs caused due to inappropriate references and concepts.

To conclude, I should say if you are ready to face all the risks, and if you are ready with your innovative design concepts, then you can shine in graphic design industry. Failure is the stepping stone to success and they make you prepared to face all future challenges.


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