Staying active in SEO.?

Staying Active in SEO
Tips for staying active in SEO.









    • SEO or Search Engine Optimization, deals mostly with fresh and updated content.They say ‘Content is King’.
      But, I have also heard lately, ‘Content is King, but Context is God !’.Well here are ways to actually staying active in SEO:
    • Being socially active on the web. Keep good contacts corresponding to work on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,etc.

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    What should a good SEO be.?

    Long back, SEO just meant altering the website’s meta tags, optimizing content and HTML headings, creating robots.txt file and generating the sitemap.

    But , now it has come to a whole new level from there….

    …and this is the year 2016.

    Now a good SEO Analyst, in now focussed on the website’s user interface (UI) along with user experience (UX). Particularly, if he or she handling a E-commerce website. Everybody wants to beat their competition and is focused on working new tricks and tweaks of ranking ahead using SEO. Read More