What do you mean by E-Nose?


Today the field of technology is developing day by day. Electronic devices were invented that duplicates every sense of perception. But the sense of smelling was lagging behind. Recently the requirement of sensing odours has increased. In fact this is to replace the human job of sensing and qualification. For this a new technology has emerged called E-Nose. Read More

How can you promote your conference with social media?

Social Media

We know that Social Medias play an important role in most of the business. But do you know how to promote your conference with Social Media. You can use Social Media effectively for making a direct connection with the attendees of a conference. You can also monitor how they are engaging with the conference.

Now let us see how you can promote your conference using Social Media: Read More

Wireless charging of mobile devices using microwave

Charging of Mobile

Nowadays mobile phones have become a part of our life. But the charging of mobile phone batteries has always been a major problem. Each mobile phone varies in their talk time and battery standby. Now the technology has improved a lot and new technologies are emerged to charge the mobile devices using wireless methods. Of these the most important one is charging mobile devices using microwaves. Do you know how this can be done? Read More

Tips to Maximize Your Landing Page Leads

Landing Page

We know that a landing page is any web page that a visitor will arrive at or “land” on. It’s more common to refer to a landing page as being a standalone web page distinct from your main web site that has been designed for a single targeted objective. Now let us see some of the tips to maximize your landing page leads.

Landing pages are just like the initial smiling face of your business on internet. They are the first place where your visitors are likely to land. An optimized landing page is usually the key revenue generating pages of your entire website. Read More

Use of PPC for growing your business


We know that search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to promote your website and to drive more traffic to your website. Similar to search engine optimization another way of obtaining more traffic to your website is ‘pay per click’ or PPC. The PPC campaigns can be used by the businesses to achieve higher ranking on Google.

There are certain benefits of using PPC to your online marketing campaign. Now let us see some of the advantages of using PPC: Read More

How can you overcome the problems of your content management system?

Content Management System

Nowadays many website developers provide Content Management System (CMS) website. Do you know what the benefit of using a CMS website is? The greatest strength of a CMS website is that, it permits a non-technical person to manage websites. But this requires a certain level of technical knowledge. So care should be taken to make sure that the use of CMS doesn’t leave the aspects to the people without the required experience.

Many organizations purchased their CMS hoping to solve a large range of problems surrounding content production and delivery. Usually, a CMS is only capable of overcoming relatively few. Usually a content management system can solve one set of issues only to make more. Read More

What do you mean by stereoscopic imaging?

Stereoscopic Images

We have seen 3D images and films. Do you know what these images are called? They are called stereoscopic images. They are created by a technique called stereoscopic imaging. This technique is used for making or enhancing the illusion that a picture has depth by showing two slightly offset pictures separately to each eye of the viewer. Read More

What do you mean by UMTS?


Have you heard about UMTS? UMTS stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunication System. This system is used to handle high data traffic. It is a 3G networking standard which is used throughout much of the world as an upgrade to existing GSM mobile networks. UMTS makes use of WCDMA technology that shares much with CDMA networks used throughout the world; though it’s not compatible with them. Read More

What is Radio Frequency Identification?

Radio Frequency

Do you know what a Radio Frequency Identification is? It is a contactless form of data capture and automatic identification. RFID is a technology similar to bar code identification. With RFID, the electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling in the RF portion of the spectrum is employed to transmit signals.

The RFID system consists of a reader, transponder, and antenna utilizing different frequency ranges. Radio frequency identification is employed in asset control, access control, and animal identification.

The advantages of RFID are the following: Read More

How press releases work for internet marketing?

Press Releases

When you start a business or a firm, it must have a good online presence. You wish to have a good ranking for your website. There are many techniques that help to improve the ranking of your website. One of those techniques is publishing press release. As a marketer, it is important to know when press releases can benefit your public relations strategy, and when another tool or tactic should be used. Read More