How to name your design business?

Name Your Business

When you start a business how would you name your business firm? The easiest way is to give their own name to the business. This is usually a default option. This gives your business a more personal and arty touch. Sometimes the designers may attach their initials and discipline along with their business name. Some others may give a business name that is less personal. It might be more professional and allows the business to grow beyond any individual.

Naming your business is the most important and exciting parts while you start a business. There are several tips that you must consider while naming your business. Let us have a look at this. Read More

Tips for good communication between your web design clients

web design clients

We have seen many business organizations around us. Most of them depend on other web design companies for the design, development and promotion of their website. The clients just sell the product or services that they produce. But to market them in the internet they have to develop a website of their own. The clients may be unfamiliar with what the web design companies do. This is because the clients don’t work in industries. Also there is a chance of a communication trouble between a client and the web designing companies.
There are certain tips that can avoid this communication problem. Now let us have a look at these tips that reduces the trouble in communication between the clients and the designers. Read More

Important responsive web design problems

Responsive website

We all know that what a responsive website is? Today the use of mobile phones for browsing internet has increased rapidly. So a website has to be optimized to view in a mobile device. Each mobile have a different display size and often use a different approach to show the contents on the screen. A responsive website changes the layout based on the size and compatibility of the particular device.

The web designers face certain problems while designing a responsive website. They have to work in a different way with the customers in creating the responsive website. Read More

Need of business plan for a web design agency

Plan For A Web Design Agency

Do you know what the importance of a business plan for a web design agency? The barrier to entry for beginning a business, significantly one based on-line like a web design agency has dropped considerably. With setting up your own agency being thus deceptively easy, business plans and other admin duties don’t appear to matter. Running a successful business and starting a new one are entirely different.

When starting a business for the initial time it is tempting to assume that you just don’t want a business set up, however there are many reasons why this isn’t the case. Now let us have look at some of these. Read More

Difference between web design and web development

Difference Between a Web Design and Web Development

Do you know what the difference between a web design and web development is? Most of us use web development and web design interchangeably. But actually they have different meaning. Web design is the method of creating the feel, branding and design of a website. This could be seen as auto body work. Web development deals with the programming of your website. This could be similar to building the engine of an automobile.

Web Designer

Web design concerns with that part of the website that the customer usually uses. A web designer is responsible for making a website more attractive and he knows how the clients would interact with the website. A good web designer knows how to coordinate the principles of design to make a website great. Read More

How to design your business card?

Design Your Business Card

You may have seen the business cards of different business firms. Do you know how to create an attractive business card? Your business card requires certain qualities such as you must be always ready to meet your clients with your own business cards. Your business card must contain the basic information about your business and it should build awareness about your business. You can make your business card online that helps to advance your business. Also your business card must help you to increase your brand awareness in your customers mind.

Designing a Business Card

The most important factor that you must keep in mind while designing a business card is the shape and size. The standard size of a business card is 2”x3.5”. It is either in horizontal or vertical direction. Horizontal orientation is mostly used traditionally. But now most companies opt for vertical orientation. Read More

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby On Rails

Have you heard about Ruby on Rails? As you know Ruby is a programming language created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto about 20 years ago. Ruby is a general purpose programming language like Java, C language etc. It is a popular web programming language which ranks in the top tenth position. Rail is a software library which extends the Ruby programming language. This language was created by David Heinemeier Hansson and gives the name Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is often called Rails which is a framework for developing websites. The Rails will provide conventions for easier maintenance and collaboration. These are called Rails API (Application Programming Interface). These are used to control the code. In order to create web application that runs on a web server Rails combine the Ruby programming language with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Read More

What is meant by RSS feed

What is meant by RSS feed?

You may have noticed the term RSS feed many times while travelling across web. The term RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication/Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91)/ RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0)The purpose of each of these terms are same; it is meant to deliver the latest news from different websites of your choice on the your computer screen. Also It is an easy way to distribute a list of headlines, update notices, and sometimes content to a wide number of people.

It is mainly used by computer programs that organize those headlines and notices for easy reading. Just imagine what happens when you add RSS feeds to your sites. Can you? I will what happen. Also When RSS feeds are added to your sites, your site will get updated automatically with headlines and snippets of new content from your RSS site sources. Read More

Google Pigeon update- Latest Local Search Algorithm

Latest Local Search Algorithm

Have you heard about Google Pigeon update? It is the latest local search algorithm in Google. Google has released this brand new algorithm to produce a more helpful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to older internet search ranking signals. The changes are visible among the Google Maps search results and Google internet search results. This algorithm was launched on 24 July 2014.

Google says that the new algorithm ties deeper into their internet search capabilities and the many ranking signals they use in internet search together with search features like knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms and a lot of. Also this algorithm improves their location and distance ranking parameters. The aim of this algorithm is to provide a different and relevant search experience for the users seeking for local search. Read More

How can you fix 404 error reports in wordpress?

Fix 404 Error

Have you seen 404 error displayed on the page while you are trying to access webpage? This is a not found error message which indicates that you are able to communicate with the given server, but currently the server could not find the page that you request for. The 404 error message will be generated when you try to follow a broken or dead link. Hence this is most recognizable error message that you find on a web.

In internet explorer, the message the webpage cannot be found typically indicates an http 404 Internal Server Error however a 400 bad Request error is another chance. You’ll be able to check to see which error that is referring to by checking for either 404 or 400 within the title bar. Sometimes a “404-not found” is a sign of broken link that may harm your website.<!–more–> If a visitor follows a link to your website and found the 404 error message, then the visitor may leave your page and may not come back. Therefore this error can greatly affect your site ranking.

Let us see the ways in which these errors will affect the site ranking.
  • Incoming broken links:

    Just imagine your web sites have a link from a very important website and this link can finish into page that doesn’t exist. As a result of the link is broken, the link doesn’t facilitate your web site ranking in Google.

  • Outgoing broken links:

    If your web site has broken links, a search-engine like Google may penalize your site’s ranking. Because the GoogleBot can’t follow the links. This sounds crazy and there’ll nothing happen if your web site gets solely a view 404 error reports. However if your web site contains a lot of them the GoogleBot may assume that these parts of your sits are abandoned and less valuable. So it’s necessary to keep the number of broken link low!

404-error-page-southparkHow to detect the incoming and outgoing broken links?

Your WordPress website already has a built in function to provide 404 error reports. If any of your users enter an invalid URL then a 404 error will be displayed. For determining these errors you can use a redirection plugin. This plugin can be used to redirect the invalid plugin. Also it possible to detect broken links and there is no need to edit the .htaccess for these redirects.

If your WordPress web site provides a comment function, it’s a normal scenario to get some outgoing broken links after a short while. A comment poster may enter a wrong URL or some web site address that becomes invalid after a short while. In each case you must check your web site for these broken links. The solution for this problem is the Broken Link Checker plugin. This is used to find all the broken links in the posts, comments, pages, and the other contents. It is an easy interface that helps you to fix these errors and it sends a message if there is a broken link in your website. The Google Webmaster Tool also can provide the 404 error.