LinkedIn SEO : Tips to Boost Your Business Profile

Business Profile

Tips to Boost Your Business Profile: Similar as with SEO for Google, LinkedIn is also a big player to increase your online visibility. LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations and has more than 200 million viewers. LinkedIn search rankings are based on high quality contents, keywords and engagement from audience. Here I am discussing few methods to boost your company’s brand on LinkedIn.


    1. Complete your profile

      -This is the first task that you have to do in LinkedIn website. Many of them don’t spend much time to complete their full profile. This is actually a bad idea. You should fill out every single section of LinkedIn profile.

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10 Tips to Make your Computer Secure

 Computer Secure

10 Tips to Make your Computer Secure: As technology advanced, it’s became so hard to protect our PC from Hackers, Virus and other Online Threats. It is really essential to take right actions to protect our computer from various threats encountered online these days. Most of them think that they are protected if they have antivirus software installed on their computer, but that is not enough to keep your computer safe. In this article, I am going to discuss few points to make your computer secure.

1.     Keep Your Firewall Turned On

-Windows Firewall or any other firewall program will help you to keep your computer safe from malicious software.  It will block viruses, worms, and hackers that attempt to connect to your system. Read More

10 Common Web Design Mistakes

Common Web Design Mistakes

10 Common Web Design Mistakes: Today website acts as an integral part of any business. One flaw may turn away a valuable potential customer from websites. There are so many factors we have to keep in mind before designing a website. In this article, I would like to highlight few mistakes that constitute a bad webpage design.


    1. Logo-A logo is the unique identity of a company. In some websites, logo is not on the top of the page and it is not redirecting to the home page.

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RSS feed reader in Google Chrome

RSS feed reader

Do you think why should we look at specialized RSS extensions (for Chrome)? It’s because the one-click accessibility they provide. The RSS subscription extension developed by Google will instantly notify you whenever new content is published on your favorite website or web page with RSS enabled. This lets you to see new blog posts, latest news and other contents daily via RSS feed.

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New Web Design Trends for 2014

Web Design Trends 2014

Well, it’s the time of year again for the businesses to look ahead what the coming year will bring. Do you have any idea about the new web design trends that we can expect in 2014?  In the last year, many web design trends have been introduced leads a rapid growth in sales by transforming viewers into customers through business websites. Those design trends are still around today with more advanced options. Here I am going to share a few trends to look out for this year.

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How to add Google Custom Search on your Website?

Custom Search Engine

We all are pretty much aware about Search boxes, but have you ever tried to set up a search box in your own website? This tutorial will simply teach you to make your site searchable using Google Custom Search Engine.

What is Google Custom Search?
Google custom Search Engine is a functionality that is provided by Google to display search results on your own website or blog. This tool is really helpful for your website’s users to find what they actually need on your site.  With a Google Custom Search Engine, you can specify the web pages that are to be displayed in search results, you can apply the same website design to your search results page and you can provide the best information based on your user’s request. Once you have created the Google Custom search, Google will provide the code for a search box that you can copy and paste into your website/blog. It will take only less than 15 minutes to add this feature on your website.

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The Best Websites to learn Web Design and Development

The Best Websites to learn Web Design and Development

Do you want to design and develop a website of your own? Then, online tutorial sites are the best way to start learning web design and development. Website development is always an interesting field for those who love to design or code to develop some awesome websites. There are so many online tutorials available today. Most of the sites are updated frequently to include new contents.  But it’s quite difficult to find which the best one is. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about few excellent websites where you can learn or increase knowledge about web programming. You should go through every site to get more information.

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6 Better ways to improve Alexa Ranking!

6 Better ways to improve Alexa Ranking

Page rank is really important for any blog/website. Alexa Ranking is one of the most popular SEO tool for bloggers. Each blogger wants to increase Alexa Traffic Rank, including me. Why it is so important? Because it is one of the most accurate and freely available tools to find out our site’s traffic statistics and site reputation. It is really important to enhance Alexa Rank when you have your own website or blog. If you are providing an advertisement space on your website, first advertisers check your traffic and page views of your site. Here I am discussing 6 better ways to improve alexa rank of your website fast. The better you rank, the more you earn from your blogging.

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