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404 page not found – you may have seen this message several times while online. On seeing this message, you suddenly leave the page. Sometimes on typing the URL of an already existed site, you find it is no longer there. These are potential problems that one should consider with moving a website, or changing the URL address of a page on website. This in turn often leads to decreased search engine rankings, less traffic, less enquiries and less business. This is bad for customers, bad for search engines, and bad for business! But have you ever spend a little time in knowing the reason for such a message. Or how to avoid the problem?

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What is meant by a .csv file?

What is meant by a .csv file?
A .csv file is the short for comma separated values. It is also called as ‘comma delimited file’ or a ‘character separated file’. It is the best way of storing large amount of data with commas separating the data values and a header with names describing what the data is populating the file. The most used program for writing and maintaining csv file is Microsoft Excel.

“Name”, “Age”, “E-mail”
“John”, “20”, “John087@ymail”
“Eliza”,”32”, “Eliza@gmail”
In this example, the file has a header describing the data. The header is considered as a way to show the users what the file contains. In the example, the datas are embraced by double quotes. Actually this is optional. It can be any sign-or none at all.

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Tips to update your website?

In this online competitive business world, people wants to attract the maximum volume of traffic towards their site. And retain them as frequent visitors by designing a professional business website. This can be accomplished by proper design, content, navigation ease and user friendliness. All these factors should be updated with the changing market trends. You know the purpose, content, structure and audience of each websites differ from one another.

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Web Design or SEO-What is more important?

So, today our question is what is more important, web design or SEO? It’s a bit confusing question. Let me explain it using some examples. You may have seen some sites which are almost impossible for anyone to read. Do you know why the site is done like it? Do they have any benefit in doing something like that? The answer is yes! It is done purposely. The use of more and more keywords is considered as a means of SEO. That is to attain search engine ranking. But the worst fact is that such websites no longer attract visitors. They can’t convey their message clearly to the customers. Truly saying, the site will be a failure.

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Tips to reduce website loading time

Are you disturbed with the long loading time of your website? Want to know the reason? We can discuss the certain reasons and some tips to reduce the website loading time. Improving the speed of your website is important not only to users, but to search engine rankings as well. When creating a website everyone likes to use more graphics and images to make their site attractive.  But you should remember one thing; images bring slow load times. So how can you use images to not only bring aesthetic quality to your site, but also to enhance it for those who venture onto your site?

The following are some tips for decreasing your web page loading times.

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Organic SEO-What does it Really Mean?

Organic SEO: You know that Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or “organic”(unpaid) search results. Most search engines offer two types of search results to their customers: paid results (typically at the top or on the side) and organic or natural results. An organic search is a search that generates results that were not paid advertisements. Many customers feel that these results are a more accurate reflection of what they might want when searching for a specific phrase. Because they are generated by popularity and common usage.

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SEO secrets to mobile development

As the number of mobile users is increasing, the number of mobile development has also increased. This has forced the website owners to optimize their marketing and SEO efforts to rake in more profits than what they are already making. One who knows anything about web design knows the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). The shift to mobile Web access has been accelerating with the rise since 2007 of larger smart phones, and of tablet computers since 2010. The Mobile Web refers to access to the world wide web, i.e. the use of browser-based Internet services, from a handheld mobile device, such as a Smartphone, a feature phone or tablet computer, connected to a mobile network or other wireless network. Read More

Can a non technical person administer a website?

Can a non technical person administer a website? This is a question that may have confused you? Before giving you the solution we will discuss about who is a business administrator or what does he do? It is thought that a website administer is a person who is well versed with the languages, servers and technologies, but this misconception is not valid any more. Web development applications have changed a lot in the recent years due to the introduction of a variety of applications. For example, with the development of content management system, now even a non-technical person can run and manage a website.

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How to protect your business Reputation Online?

How to protect your business Reputation Online? This a question often asked by many business firms. Starting from the basics we will suggest certain tips on how to do this.
More than 90% of consumers search for local businesses online. If they do not like what they see, they will avoid your business. Many business owners, however, are focused on the day-to-day operations that it’s difficult to keep up with everything that is being written about or said about their business. Nobody wants to find out that bad things are being said about them, whether these comments come from a real customer, a disgruntled former employee or someone wishing to harm your business. The most effective way to deal with this type of online reputation negativity is to have an effective campaign in place to counter the negative with positive reviews about your business along with positive web articles.

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