How Can I Become a Web Hosting Reseller?

I was just looking back to my old classrooms and a most frequently asked question by my teachers- “Who do you want to become in future?” The answers were almost similar and repeated like “doctor”, “engineer”, “teacher” and so many. But at that time I never used to hear an answer like a “Web Hosting Reseller” or like “I want to begin a website development company”.

But, this is a question frequently searched by many job seekers or freelancers- “Should I become a Web Hosting Reseller” or “How can I become a Web Hosting Reseller” etc. If you are having a question within, I can tell you one thing- Yes, you can! Of course, this is a growing trend and you can surely be successful. Read More

Making Professional Logo For Your Business

For any business, a well designed logo is very important for the ultimate success. With proper integration of well chosen characters, it builds up your corporate identity. By conveying the correct message, a logo is the most important part of branding. A logo is the first thing your customers see about your business.A logo should be the perfect integration of business and art. Logo may be Typographic, Symbolic or combination of both. Read More

CMS For Businesses

 You well know that making an online presence is necessary for businesses nowadays to achieve your business goals, to meet your global audience etc. So, there is no doubt that your business needs a website. What about a content managed website for your business? Creating your own website content with the help of writers, editors and content managers can create an unbeatable online brand for your company or product.

CMS offers you ways to produce, publish and maintain your own website content. There are many CMS tools to develop your own templates in your own style. Also, you can modify and update your website content. This allows one to undertake the whole website management process flow. You can make use of all the major functions like dependability, ease of usage etc to make any refinement in the existing data. Competition will be there to let the consumers pick from the long list of capable solutions. Read More

SEO Hosting Provider

SEO Hosting Provider: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become the major tool for online business today. Many web hosting as well as website development companies in India are offering SEO services. The major step towards SEO is finding out a good web hosting company. The wellness of a website depends on the proper selection of web host. Selecting the right web hosting company determines how successful the website is.SEO involves several techniques to promote a website via programming and content so that it gets listed in the search results. So, it is important for the recognition of the organization to have a good SEO hosting provider.

Let’s see the features of a good SEO hosting service provider:  Read More

Mistakes To Be Avoided By Designers

For any profession, there are some do’s and don’t do’s. In this post, we will come across certain things that designers have to follow.  Some of these points can be applied to your field also.
Waiting = Wasting

You might have been the best student during your graduation days or have spent many hours of classes or seminars. Also You might also be a person with strong knowledge base on Photoshop, JQuery, Flash and many more. You have even built your own portfolio. Now, don’t waste a single second by sitting back and thinking what next. I’ve seen many freelancers ruining their own career by waiting for opportunities come their way. The result is that customers or employers will be finding someone else who is active in your field. So, keep yourselves active in your field.

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How To Maintain Happy Client Relationships?

How To Maintain Happy Client Relationships? Many companies are having a tendency to target global market rather than trying locally. They are underestimating local clients without knowing that they are immensely valuable. Many big corporate firms stand out in competition only because of their strong business base formed by former clients.

We can simply classify clients based on certain criteria: Read More

Google’s Project Glass

The latest endeavor of Google was announced on April 4th, 2012- Project Glass. It allows users to text messages, video chatting and view information, all with the aid of just a glass. I’d love to call this new release as a coolest or crazy release from Google.After the rumor series, Google’s “augmented reality” glass was revealed in a post on Google Plus. It is bearing the same concepts and prototype designs. The specialty of these glasses is that we can see the real world and virtual web world together.

While engaged in your daily activities, you can also enjoy your friends’ text messages.The visual display provides contextual information and also allows you do anything from texting and geo-social check-ins to turn-by directions, all without the aid of a single finger. Read More

Blogging Facts

There are many bloggers who earn with this internet marketing tools. Skilled blogging facts might be a new concept for marketers with insight, pressure and a big online brand in today’s fast developing internet era. There are still many bloggers who rank very small in this competitive situation.Every bloggers have their own blogging strategy and niche. An increasing number of bloggers are writing blogs that complement their income. A good number of pro-bloggers are seen these days. There are many leaps and bounds in their blogging. Read More

Things Not To Be Done On Facebook

I have seen many people doing repeated mistakes while using Facebook. In this post, we just have a glance at certain points where we should take care.

Creating Multiple Profiles:

If you are having two accounts, and if Facebook catches you, they will shut your account down. Also, there is no need of cr

eating two profiles to one person. It is simply like having dual personality. It becomes very tough to update the two accounts all the time. Also, the lines between personal and professional profiles are always blurring. And if you don’t want to make a transparent cover between your personal and professional images, you can change this at privacy settings in Facebook. So, it is really useless to create multiple profiles in Facebook. Read More

Cloud Computing- Treasure of Opportunities

At its initial start up stage, Cloud computing was having a negative impact over the IT field. Many IT experts and researchers mentioned cloud computing as a technology to ruin new career opportunities. But, it is opening new ways to a big revolution of business opportunities world wide. By 2015, about 14,0000000 career options will be sprouted up world wide according to a study conducted by Microsoft.Since many huge corporate companies as well as MNCs are adopting this new technology, many chances for job seekers are opening. Also, there is no need of any basic requirements for this. Cloud computing has paved the way for a business of $6000 Crore in 2011. Also, 15 lakhs new job opportunities were also created. Career opportunities include those in Communication and Media, Manufacturing, Banking etc. Engineering graduates and other IT professionals are getting more opportunities in this area.

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