Internet Marketing

Internet marketing

More and more new methods are emerging all the time in the vast world of Internet marketing. But, there are a lot of hidden methods and truths that drive marketers up and down in this world. This leads newer marketers into more ‘danger’ in marketing. Surely internet marketing is giving fresh and low investment opportunities to marketers. But, many marketers face business destruction due to carelessness and hidden bad truths in the web. Read More

Graphic Designer Portfolio

Graphic Designer Portfolio

You need a graphic designer in two situations- to design your new website or to redesign your existing website. You need to search for the best website developer or graphic designer in Kerala. They should also be affordable to you. As I always say, the first thing that you need to analyze is the designer’s portfolio. So, what are the things to be noticed while checking the graphic designer’s portfolio?The portfolio is said to be the face of the designer’s talent. Read More

Moving to a new web host

web host

There are many companies that provide free hosting service. Many start u companies and freelancers may rely upon these service providers. But, it becomes necessary to change to a better web hosting service provider when your website acquires more audiences. Most free hosting services don’t offer better bandwidth, storage etc. So, when a move becomes unavoidable, firstly you have to select your hosting company. There are many web hosting companies in India. Read More

How to comment on blogs?

comment on blogs

Those who comment on my blog are surely great SEO analysts, knowing well that links are the best way to gain good search rankings. A link building campaign is the process of building up the number of inbound links your site has. There are many places to get a link, but a very popular and useful link source is through blog commenting. So, in this blog, I’d like to suggest certain tips to all my valuable commenters. Read More

Ways to improve your Google ranking

Google ranking

You might have heard about the recent algorithm changes made by Google known as Panda. So, there are certain things to be done right now, in order to improve your search rankings on the web. With keeping the recent changes in Google Panda, these are certain tips to improve your search rankings. Read More

Website Maintenance for sustaining traffic of your website

Web Site Traffic

Undoubtedly you can say that the main purpose of having a website is increased business return through growing traffic. You are expecting a huge amount of traffic or thousands of people to visit your website. So, it is as important as website development to maintainyour website traffic. Put some effort to reach your goal.

The most important threat that affects your traffic is broken links itself. If your website has links to some outside source, make sure to check it from time to time that the link exists or is valid. Especially, there are more chances of broken links if you are linked to an old blog entry or any particular page. Read More

How to choose a good CMS?

Select Good Cms

You might be familiar with different content management systems available today. Each good CMS has its own features that are unique compared to others. Some CMS built with generic features may not fit into your needs. Also many medium sized companies may find it costly. So, while purchasing a CMS, one should take much care about things like the technology used in it and whether the pricing is affordable with your budget.

Choosing the Rght CMS

Proper planning and systematic study of factors can help you a lot in choosing the right CMS. Only through the proper implementation we can achieve the objectives through online. Read More

Choosing the Right Web Application Developer

Web Application Developer

As you may know, the success of any online venture is purely dependent on web application. It is very crucial in making the business successful. The power and efficiency of any web application depends on its design strategy. Here comes the role of application developer. So, you have to put some effort in selecting the right web application developer. Some of the factors that has to be taken under consideration while picking the right web application developer are: Read More