Creative Graphic Designers

Creative graphic designers

The primary quality that a Creative graphic designers should possess is to think creatively. Compared to other professionals, graphic designers are well known for their sense of identity development. A graphic designer without creative thinking is like a computer without CPU. Here are some tips for graphic designers to get best out of you.

Be Optimistic Creative graphic designers

You must stay optimistic always. Learn to believe in own talents and abilities to think creatively. Don’t lose your inner confidence that results in inability to think resourcefully. After reaching a certain age, you might fear that your skills have diminished. But, remember that creativity has no limit.

Take Challenges:

Inorder to get something new, you have to take some risks. Without facing challenges, no one can win. You will really wonder seeing how you are resolving these risks. So, never be afraid. Explore yourselves with new ideas and concepts!!

Join others:

If you are unable to do something or if you need any fresh ideas, let others help you. Create a group of creative and professional designers who have design intelligence. Make your environment creative and resourceful one.

Be Ready:

You might be getting some creative ideas while you sit simply. Once you are back to job and try to implement those ideas, you might be blank!! So, don’t waste your caliber like this. So, implement your idea soon it is clicked on your brain. Keep a notebook or even a piece of paper and pen with you always.

Make mistakes:

Yes!! Making small mistakes is necessary to avoid big errors. Fearing mistakes can stop your ability to think creatively. Remember that failure is the footing step to step.

Get Inspired:

Creative graphic designersSometimes a good Photoshop work can awake your imagination. So, search for websites that can give you a little inspiration for great spark on your brain.

Making money online

Make money online

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Earn With Google AdSense!!

What is AdSense?

Google AdSense earns most of the revenue by allowing websites to advertise on their search result pages. This is managed through a program called AdWords. We can earn a good share of Google’s revenue from AdWords by displaying these same text ads on your website. Google approximately pats 60% of what they earn through it. This is known as AdSense. Read More

Photoshop Basic Tutorials

Photoshop Basic

Photoshop is one among the most popular tools in the web design solutions. From the preparation of basic design to generation of optimized graphics for a web page, web designers mostly rely on Photoshop and Fireworks. In this post, I’d like to share with you some basic tools and tricks. Also, we will discuss some shortcuts and time-savers that web designers use normally. Through this article, I can’t provide you an overall review of many areas that Photoshop handles; however, this may help beginners in web design to get some basics. If you are not much sure about making selections, applying gradients, and working with layers, go ahead with reading. Read More

Social Networking Impact

Social Network

Social Networking Impact: Social networks like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook have experienced a great development in membership within a short span of time. We are all familiar with the attractive means of interaction and sharing offered by them. Also, there are several privacy and security concerns aroused recently. However, social networks bring forth novel interactive ways for users, in the midst of these privacy concerns. Millions of people around the world willingly open their own social media accounts for friends, jobs, or other social purposes, knowing these niche concerns. Read More

Google Plus for Business


With the powerful launch of Google+, the personalized web has begun. The way in which information is structured and accessed will be more turned on persons. Their personal profile will be a group of data collected on the basis of their searches and shares. Till now, you will search some topic or article in the search box of Google. This is popularly said as outward facing. But, after Google Plus, search is becoming more inward. When you visit a website, the ads will reflect brands or topics that you have demonstrated a past interest is through what you have searched and shared. Read More

Boost Your Alexa Ranking in One Month!!

Alexa ranking

Within 1 month, Web India Solutions’ Alexa rank increased by 70 Lakhs!! Our Alexa traffic ranking was 75 Lakhs at the beginning of November. Currently, we reached upto 5 Lakhs in global ranking and nearly 19 thousand inIndia. We made it possible by strict dedication and serious blogging. With a little bit of creativity and hard work, you can reach among the top sites. After analyzing what we have done in the past month, I could tell you some tips to improve your Alexa ranking. Read More

Website Developers V/s Designers


Hope you are all familiar with the role of a web designer and the necessary skills he/she should possess. Have you ever thought that designers should code? I believe a good designer would be able to reconstruct their designs in HTML and CSS only if they know the complications and limitations of programming. A designer can make development easier once understands the coding of a website and see what is under the hood. Read More