Twitter is triggered with its power users around 100 million. So, if you are among those power users whose aim is online marketing, surely you have to become a power user of Twitter. Then only you will be able to take advantage of the growing audience of Twitter.Don’t think that you will have to tweet the whole day without engaging in any other activities to become a power user. If you follow some tips or routine in using Twitter, you can win.Make a time table- As I mentioned earlier, there is no advantage in spending the whole day for Twitter. But, be regular in posting or tweeting. You can prefer any time to twee. it may be in the morning or evening; but be punctual.

Connect with other social sites-

You will be able to share your tweets to other social media also. For example, I’ve connected my Facebook page to Twitter so that all my posts in Facebook will be automatically Tweeted and all my Tweets will be posted to Facebook also. This helps you in drawing your audience from other social sites to Twitter.

Saves your time for other social networks-

One of the main advantages about Twitter is that you don’t need to run for content. So, there is no need of spending all the time for Twitter, thereby you can invest your time to other social networks also.

Tweet for audience-

Don’t share something that your audience may find irrelevant or not useful. Some content may be very popular and might have shared many times; avoid them. Winning the trust of public is not an easy thing. So, tweet something that is interesting to audience.

Repeated sharing-

Remember, there is no problem of repetition in Twitter. It is not sure that all your followers see your posts at the first time itself. Just tweet it again.

Mingle with other power users-

Learn how to meet other users face to face without tweeting. If you can’t do that, then simply do tweeting.


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