Common Web Design Mistakes

10 Common Web Design Mistakes: Today website acts as an integral part of any business. One flaw may turn away a valuable potential customer from websites. There are so many factors we have to keep in mind before designing a website. In this article, I would like to highlight few mistakes that constitute a bad webpage design.


    1. Logo-A logo is the unique identity of a company. In some websites, logo is not on the top of the page and it is not redirecting to the home page.

  1. Page Loading Time-Home page or any page is taking more than 4 seconds to load.
  2. Stale content-If your content is no longer fresh and up to date, your customer may think you are not in business and not an innovative person to get ahead of the competition.
  3. Lack of mobile compatibility-Seventy five percent of internet users need mobile version of site these days, but 90 percent of sites are not designed for mobile devices.
  4. Broken Social media buttons-This will really leads to a bad impression if visitor is trying to click to a social page and finding a broken link. Always make sure your social buttons are working correctly and leading viewers to the correct page.
  5. Complex Navigation-A well arranged navigation is really important in any website because it the only way where people can go around your website. A confusing navigation may turn away the visitor from the website.
  6. Advertising-Never includes banner advertisements in your product/service selling pages. It can make you lose valuable customers and visitors.
  7. Pop up Windows-Do you like if someone interrupts you when you try to read or watch something? This is what pop up windows do. Website visitors won’t like it.
  8. Search Box-A search box is essential whether its company website or a personal blog. With a search box you can provide the best information based on your user’s request.
  9. Autoplaying music and video– There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website with autoplaying sounds and videos. Always give the choice to the users to play the content.

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